.... is nothing new to Belvoir Rail

We have been producing this technology for years!

ion air purifier 1
ion air purifier 2

Some years ago we developed our innovative Cab Heater solution including Air Purification. We achieved this by developing a special ioniser that put charged ions into the airflow to purify and clean the air, particularly within small and stuffy environments. We have further developed this concept, making it perfect for areas such as Saloon Car &
Drivers Cab’s, tackling odours, viruses & germs

Introducing the i-On purifier

The idea is simple… air travels through the i-on purifier, negative Ions are produced and released back into to the air neutralising any Odours, Bacteria, Fungi and Viruses


  • Purifies using negative ions
  • Disinfects and removes dust, bacteria, fungi and viruses
  • Easy installation - can be fitted in multiple areas
  • Safe to use - Very low Ozone (03) produced
  • Robust Construction - Mild steel outer case suited to the Bus, Coach and Rail environments
  • Reliable - We have used the Rail approved components to ensure

Download Belvoir Rail Air Purifier PDF